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The Essential Range

The Essential brand comprises a wide-range of organic and sustainable store cupboard necessities, developed in accordance with ethical and co-operative principles.  All Essential products are vegan, except our range of honey. They are GM-free and have no unnecessary additives. The Essential brand is not supplied to supermarkets, offering independent retailers and customers a genuine and valued alternative.


Organic Italian Tomato Range


Essential’s tomatoes are grown and packed in Southern Italy. Certified organic by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association, UK, they have no added salt, sugar or citric acid. Even the liner in the canned products is BPA-free. Available in whole, chopped, cherry, passata and double-concentrated puree tubes, and larger, catering sizes.

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Organic Vegan Pesto

Essential Organic Vegan Pesto sauces are double-concentrated, so they’re twice as economical to use! Made in Italy with extra virgin olive oil and pine nuts, there's no sunflower oil or cashew nut fillers here. There are two variations on the classic recipe of basil, pine nuts, extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt.
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Organic Pasta

Essential pasta is made in Italy from 100% organic durum wheat. Available in wholewheat and white in a range of shapes and sizes for all your pasta dish needs. There is also a wide range in 10kg sizes, most of which have plastic free packaging.
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Organic Tinned Beans and Pulses

The Essential beans and pulses are simply canned in water with no added sugar or salt. All are in recyclable, hand ring-pull tins. Choose from 400g and 2.6kg*

*red kidney beans, mixed beans and chick peas only
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Organic Coconut Range

The Essential coconut range is sustainably sourced from co-operative farms. Organically grown in Sri Lanka, these products give local farmers a sustainable income. The fresh coconut is pressed and packed at the source, ensuring the local economy benefits from all aspects of the production process. Our coconut milk is also available in a larger 3-litre size.

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Organic Cooking Oils

Essential's quality cooking oil selection consists of Sesame Oil, Spanish Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil. All are organic, cold-pressed and available in attractive 500ml dark glass bottles. Our Spanish Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil are also available in 5-litre containers.

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Organic Chocolate Spreads

Essential's organic chocolate spreads are made from fairly-traded ingredients. Available in Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut & Chocolate varieties, both are vegan, palm oil-free and absolutely delicious!

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Organic Herbs and Spices

For blossoming chefs and culinary delights, Essential's extensive range of organic herbs and spices come in convenient sized packs, perfect for kitchen cupboards everywhere.

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For the taste of summer all year round, our natural clear and set honey selection is organic, tasty and available in 454g glass jars or a 3.18kg plastic bucket.

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Organic Infusions

Our Organic Infusions are blended and packed in the UK. Available in seven blends, the teabags are 100% plastic-free and home compostable. The packaging is made from FSC approved board and is fully recyclable.

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Organic Nut and Seed Spreads

Our iconic organic peanut butter range is made from only the best organic peanuts and comes in a choice of crunchy or smooth and with or without added salt. Available in 350g glass jar and 1kg plastic bucket.

Our highly-popular and versatile organic tahini is produced and packed in Greece. Choose from toasted light and nutrient-rich toasted dark varieties.

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Organic Soups

All the Essential soups are organic and vegan and made from only the best ingredients. Each sustainable 680g glass jar contains a generous helping for two people.

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Organic Condiments

Two organic mustards to tickle the taste buds. Our French-made Dijon and German-made wholegrain varieties are available in 200ml glass jars and 1kg plastic buckets for as little or as much as you like!

For an authentic taste of Asia, try our organic Japanese shoyu and tamari, available in 250ml, 500ml and 2-litre sizes.

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Organic Tinned Fruit

Essential organic fruit chunks are canned in organic fruit juice with no added sugar, preservatives or additives at source in Sri Lanka. Choose from pineapple, mango or our delicious tropical mix of mango, pineapple and papaya. The ever-popular young jackfruit is available in 400g and 3kg sizes, perfect for meat-alternative cooking.

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Vitam-R Yeast Extract

Essential Yeast Extract has a superb and relatively subtle flavour. Processed from roots instead of grain, it is gluten-free and has no added MSG. The award-winning range is produced naturally by autolysis, making it lower in salt than other yeast extracts.

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Organic Jarred Vegetables and Fruit


Essential's jarred vegetable and fruit range are perfect as added ingredients, relishes, dish trimmings or enjoyed straight from the jar! 

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Organic Luxury Cereals

One for every day of the week, Essential’s organic luxury cereals come in a choice of three mueslis, two granolas and two crunchy cereals. Each is packed with a nutritious combination selected from natural flakes, barley, puffed rice, fruit, nuts and seeds.

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Organic and Wholefood Ingredients

The Essential ingredients range includes hundreds of varieties of natural and organic wholefoods including rice, pulses, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Packs range from 125g to 25kg for kitchens of all sizes.

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Not Food, but still Essential

Essential not only supply the best-quality ingredients and food items. We also stock all of those everyday extras from toilets rolls, refuse sacks, bathroom necessities and cooking literature.

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