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Essential Brand

The Essential brand has become a benchmark of quality since its inception into the wholefood market and has gathered many followers along the way. The taste of the produce is a tried and tested triumph while the ethics of the co-operative adds that little bit extra to the wonderful blend.

The Essential brand is almost entirely organic and vegan.  The movement towards a plant based, organic diet has exploded over the last two decades and the popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Many prefer the taste to non-organic and believe that it is healthier, while others say it’s better for the environment.  As recognised food pioneers who have catered for a vegetarian-only diet since day one, we have adapted our catalogue to meet the demands of our customers and showcase an impressive and popular range, completely free of artificial additives and palm oil. 

Essential Organic & Sustainable Foods

Though leading health food brands continue to be popular, our own organic products continue to satisfy health food devotees. Certified by the Vegan Society, we sell a wide range of beans, pulses and tinned vegetables, the most popular of which are organic tomatoes, chickpeas and cannellini beans. Also available include a renowned peanut butter, pesto, soups, mustard, a sustainable coconut range, an award-winning yeast extract, tinned fruit varieties and clear and set honey.

Essential Muesli

In 1971, the introduction of a unique nut, raisin and dried fruit muesli creation made a particularly notable impression, as the business was able to mix it in the warehouse. Produced under organic license, Essential’s luxury cereals remain a best seller and there’s now one for every day of the week! Each is packed with a nutritious combination selected from natural flakes, barley, puffed rice, fruit, nuts, seeds and in one of the cereals, cacao nibs. We have persevered with our retail pack range from those early years and have set a precedent for others to follow.

Essential Ingredients

The range of ingredients packed at Essential includes hundreds of varieties of natural wholefoods including rice, dried fruit, nuts and seeds in sizes ranging from 125g to 25kg, plus 40 herbs and spices in convenient home kitchen sizes.

Italian Connection

We have partnerships with some of the most dynamic organic food producers, giving the Essential brand that little extra kudos. The long-standing relationship with the co-operatives in the Marche farming region in Italy awards our customers with the finest tinned tomatoes, pesto and a range of pastas that are only available through us.