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La Terra e il Cielo

100% organic food from an authentic Italian food cooperative

La Terra e il Cielo is a food cooperative based in the Marche region of Italy. As well as being a 100% organic cooperative that produces delicious and authentic Italian food, they share many of Essential’s core values and principles including the fair and equal treatment of producers and suppliers, the pursuit of a balanced and respectful relationship with the environment and ethical financial practices.

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Why La Terra e il Cielo pasta is so good

La Terra pays attention to the small details in their pasta production which makes the end product extremely high-quality. They stone mill their raw materials, which helps them maintain their taste and quality; their pasta is processed at low temperatures so that it keeps its nutritional value and makes it easier to digest; they use ancient grains and legumes that add depth of flavour and offer delicious alternatives to white pasta.

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Bronze Extruded for maximum flavour

Bronze-extruded pasta is cut by pushing the dough through perforated metal plates made of bronze. This process imparts a distinctive rough and porous texture to the finished pasta shapes, which enhances their ability to absorb the sauce, elevating the overall flavour of pasta dishes.

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The Italian alternative to Coffee

In Italy, you can easily find caffè d'orzo in bars, restaurants and even vending machines. Traditionally regarded as a coffee alternative for children, it has become a popular caffeine-free coffee substitute. La Terra e il Cielo uses ‘Orzo Mondo’ to make their version; it’s an ancient barley type that is rich in vitamins and minerals, stimulant-free and makes a delicious hot drink.

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