• How do I open an Essential trade account?
  • I'm already an Essential customer how do I get a login for online ordering?
  • When is my deadline to place an order?
  • Stock levels
  • Can I only buy whole cases?
  • Do you sell alcohol?
  • How can I get an Essential catalogue?
  • Do you have electronic pricelists?
  • How often do you update your prices?
  • When do promotional offers begin and end?
  • What is an Order Pad?
  • Do your prices include VAT?
  • When do I have to pay for my order?
  • How do I apply for credit terms?
  • How should I pay?
  • Can I pay with a credit card? Is there an additional charge?
  • Can you retain my card details?
  • How do I find out the balance on my account?
  • Do you accept Bristol Pounds?
  • When will I receive my invoice?
  • How will I receive my accounts information?
  • How do I request a copy of an invoice or credit note?
  • How can I get a copy of your Organic certification?
  • What does UK2 stand for?
  • How can I tell if the Essential brand products are Organically Certified?
  • What is your GM policy?
  • Why do some products have a vegan logo and others don't?
  • Has the Essential Sauerkraut been pasteurised?
  • Are there any additives in the Essential Coconut milk?
  • How can I be sure the product I am buying is gluten free?
  • Do your cans contain BPA in the lining?
  • Is the Essential-brand pre-packs' packaging recyclable?
  • Where can I find the Essential products' specifications?
  • Essential and Fairtrade Commodities
  • Products flags. What do they mean?
  • A few words about our coconut oil
  • I'm an Essential customer, how do I get my business on your Stockists page?
  • I want to become a supplier for Essential, who do I contact?
  • How do I set up a Co-operative Buying Group?
  • What's your strategy on reducing plastic?
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